Friday, May 4, 2012

Here for You

I'm a lone wolf, that's true but I still feel love seeping through. So, maybe who I am is o.k. Someone who cries yet doesn't make a sound. What I want more than anything is to make a change; want to make you happy, tell you you're not strange. True, I'm a little weak; howling at the moon because I can't speak. Those words that would make us all complete. I'm a lone wolf eager to be tame; excuse me stranger, can I take away your shame? Do you ever feel like screaming cause your feet won't hit the ground? Does it ever frighten you when you don't hear that simple phrase; does it ever enrage you when others won't engage? If you're broken-down and your heart's torn in two; it's alright any night, I'm a lone wolf waiting here for you.
Dedicated to every lonely soul also a promise to write more for any and all who call for comfort.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Kiced's cruelty

          My foe has the personality of a dead rat: His fowl gore floods my life. In my minds eye my wrath beats his perverted views. I Chesney wish with all my God given power that his days are filled with every misery he has brought to my soul: All who are kin to this rat like gnome shall put him in the deepest agony. Future lovers will find his baby-maker tiny and lifeless. I Chesney am the queen of virtue and I stand above all women. You shall never call me what I am not Earogon-Kiced, for I Chesney beauty  incarnate better the world, and better all; for your sight unseen you shall fall! No one will hear your cries or answer their call!
All rights reserved to Chesney Kool-cat Slot and Lone wolf:
Bullying is a dangerous and useless activity and if you hungry readers are an active part or parent of someone who enjoys torturing others first seek mental help and then and most importantly; stop!
Any misspelling's are to be blamed on math