Thursday, July 22, 2010

Novelty know more

I've looked around a still haven't found the story. I looked in fear hoping, praying something would appear. I was speared by my own sharp prying; calling the creeps and monsters too come but all they gave me was a sigh of, "ho hum." I am enraged by these caged little ghouls. "look it's the queen of fools." They say laughing deep in the dark, a nation away from the land of hope. I've glimpsed inside hope the happy land of sun, and tunnels where fun sometimes plays hide and seek. "Try to find us." they whisper, they call, and I come running; to capture nothing at all. I've looked in love, I don't wish to remember what that cost. I look in wonder now, it's a maze; I hope I don't get lost. I've spent so much time going through my mind sifting the sands of things done before; now I understand why to some I am a novelty, know more.
Lone wolf @ unscripted