Hollow's hall

Hello to you hungry readers, and welcome. I hope we don't have any heart defects among us, no? Good! Now lets go because it's really quite a show we have here in hollow's hall. One small little warning just to be fair when we enter the exhibit please try not to stare. There are things on display here at Hollow's hall that wouldn't take to kindly to gawking not at all. You see my friends what we have in store for you tonight is fright the best of the worst, and most of the cursed. So, come in if you dare but beware... Well, I believe it's time to meet one of our occupants: He enjoys boating, and basking in the lunar light while dismembering fellow patron's of the dark community. Ladies and gentlemen let's spend some quality time with "Darkly dreaming," Dexter Morgan! As you can see all of his Dark deeds have been put on holographic file for your viewing pleasure so if you'll just step over to the screen:

The moon calls, and Dexter answers as does his friend riding in the darkness. Dexter is a perfect mask for this passenger. A handsome man with a charming wit, intellectual mind, and a complete lack of emotion. Oh, don't misunderstand our Dexter can imitate emotion and does it quite often as he goes through his daily life as a blood spatter analyst, a helpful big brother to his adoptive sister Deborah who's climbing the rungs of the Florida police force, and an "understanding" boyfriend to his scatter-brained girlfriend Rita. Dexter has everything that a man could want, but the moon pulls him into a rising tide of homicidal hunger, and so driven by this hunger he casts his fellow monsters adrift into calm waters, keeping one small drop of blood from each as a memento. The world of wicked has brought a new dicing wonder to Dexter, and frankly this thrills him so completely to the point of awe and alters the tide of slicing need within. Why is Dex dawdling while his freaky friend dances in the dark? Well one and all, a hammer has been let to fall. A monster feeds in the night, and leaves no blood; not a trace. This fact earns Dexter's admiration and he begins to dream. These dreams become a cold comfort when reality grows thin for our cleanser of creeps. For while Dexter gains his hollow hero, he comes to the brink of loosing his mind.

I hope you've had a ball in Hollow's hall. Now if you'll follow me out, without a shout; you can lay your eyes on Mr. Morgan's prized knives, and you can purchase  your own noose of fishing-line.

Darkly dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay is a dark delight of poetic and compelling prose that will leave you cheering for gore.