Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One nation under God; How about one world under Good?

I am not a mystic and I don't want to shove my belief's down your throats. I am instead going to ask you a question: Who rules the world? In asking this hungry readers; I tell you that there's no right or wrong answer, but I have a theory: Families. Most people I observe don't think as a unit outside of Churches, book clubs, theaters, and Families. There is too much self in the word family: We say; my Mother, my Brother, My sister and so on. What if, all we're really saying is, mine. Ownership; I've heard it spoken in wedding vows: Do you take this woman to be your wife? Do you take this man to be your husband? I have to say I've seen rings and legal contracts signed, but I have yet to see a couple biologically fused. Now, to the point: Even if we have relationships and families; our thoughts are mostly for ourselves. If I grieve, when I do it's for my family and friends. There's guilt in that fact for me. I say we as humans help any and all of our kind, not just our kin. I'm currently trying to find ways to help Kentucky and Alabama. That's what I was thinking of today. Oh, wait a minute; who's helped America? Japan! Their people make nearly all of what we buy; of all the humans on this earth lets just face it, they have us beat in the intellect department. You're going to say Lone, you can't fix everything. I agree, I can't fix all our problems, completely. I intend to do what I can though. So, I'm asking for names of trust worthy organization's if you know of any. This is Lone wolf saying: Let's take the me out of we, and become a whole family. This has been an Unscripted view on life Not a judgement. We apologize for any and all misspellings and (or), poorly written prose.