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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wolf's note to readers.

Please read the written material before you watch the video below "Ben/Max" in order to gain more incite into the connection between it, and "Lone's note to the world" I will leave you now with the hunger for the hunt, a instinct to heal, and a thirst to howl; as always,
Happy hunting.
Lone wolf
@ Unscripted
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Dark Angel-Somewhere I Belong(Ben/Max)

Lone's note to the world

When you cry the world; it rejects you. When you scream the world; it doesn't respect you. So, you close the door to your personal passions: Your hungers, your needs, and dreams. Rise up from the ashes of their fire; grow up when they cut you down! When you see through a screen taking in the scenes; while the actor's think they're getting what they want or deserve... Throw them a curve! Look up while they look away; playing the games that they play, and know that you're not the one alone. Yeah... They're in a fake zone. I've seen, and I can hear every shout and every tear of the one's like me. Hey, I've gotta secret that could set you free. Leave their lives be, take the good out of what's seen; even if it's sad: Create a world that's real; a heaven that they can't steal because the body; that doesn't matter. The heart, the soul, and your mind you can control. Yeah, be the light for the people lost in the wood, give a hand for those misunderstood: To you in the cold corner; express yourself, you'll get warmer. If you're in a place where fortune is shoved in your face just step back and be your own star and know you'll rock the world someday. If you work hard the pain fades. No, you're not only one; you can go out into the sun, or spot-light. Don't you give up the fight.
Note: This is for anyone who feels, depressed, disrespected, hurt or angry. It may not be perfect, but we are not perfect and that is what makes us stronger. You are welcome here, and if you don't find what you need...
Happy hunting.
Lone wolf
@ Unscripted
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Monday, November 22, 2010

J.L. Insomniac's Note to readers

J.L. Insomniac here, I've come in early to inform you that we're experiencing some computer difficulties at the Unscripted home base. Those of us at Unscripted assure each of you that you'll get all the entertainment promised as soon as these problem's are resolved. You'll be hearing from Mr. Blues, (The character.) There are many things to enjoy here at Unscripted, and it is our hope that your spirit's will be lifted. So, take a cruise and peruse the Oldies and Goldies we have here for you. It doesn't matter what crew you're with, or the color of your skin; not even what religion your in: There's a place for any and all; no, your heart will never fall at Unscripted because this is a rockin and rollin all around cool place, where it's safe to Jam. Now, it's time for me to hit the sack cause day light gets me off track.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life: A little song and Dance

Here and now I'm a little off balance, and a little out of my head. Here and there's the dusk without the dawn in sight. Now, I have to say I'm a little dizzy from the fight; let's call it life. Life! Where the show has to go on whether you've got the charm. Life! You've set the stage Christina, and parents; they all want a little song and dance. A chance to have a piece of the pie, to say hey I'm the reason that kid can fly; No! I don't think so; their expectations are just a little to high. Life, wants to knock me down, but I won't let it. Love, I may as well forget it for now. Why, because I don't know how that works; I was taught to settle for the least. If you get enough, call a Judge not the Priest...! Here and Now at twenty years old; my heart's filled with more guilt than with gold. It's a cliche, and sometimes a doom but if I still have the room; I'll say... Even if you're a hack of an act and you'd like to be sacked. "Let it go." Life's a funny scene; Death? Well, you don't get any reception on that channel; who wants to listen to static?

Note: This little song and dance is my own "Out out Damn spot," meant to be taken as a one man show. It still needs work.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let life be a fantastic flame of fun!

J.L Insomniac here, I've come out of the dark to bring a little spark to you all. I was chatting with wolfie last night about the wonders of the woods at night: The soft pleasantly damp earth beneath your feet-(paws), the haunting glow of a full moon; so helpful when stalking prey. The caressing breeze combing through your hair-(fur). When the wind rises it carries many gifts to lift the heart, but the best of them for wolfie are the smells. The way Lone tells it there's a village that's on the edge of Rosealy wood by the name of partylite. Strange name for a village, I know but wolf says the name emanates from the orbs of light that the villagers put up on their window sills every night. Wolf was drawn out of the basic hunting grounds toward the incredible smells. Lone's first thought was food, but as the scent's grew stronger Lone's keen nose zeroed in on the chief source of the enchanting aroma's; where the high-priestess of perfume awaited. Lone did not see this woman as prey, but a keeper of calm and giver of warmth. When asked her name she introduced herself as Teresa Garren, and invited Lone in for a drink. Being a civilized wolf, Lone accepted; allowing for nice conversation and the pick of her stock. Well as you can see this lady made quite an impression on my friend; because Lone wolf commissioned a path through the hunting ground in Rosealy wood.
Well readers there's too much to be said, I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Note: The video posted ties in with this story in order to promote the selling of Candle's. The song "Would you light my Candle" is from the movie Rent, and contains adult content.
An Unscripted production by J.L. Insomniac in association with Lone wolf. This story inspired by: Teresa Garren

Light My Candle - RENT Movie

Friday, November 12, 2010

True Heart's

Hello I think I love your soul. If that's crazy I don't want to be sane because I've been driving down a lonely lane. We can share our pain, and I could make you laugh. We'll smash our sorrow's along with the looking-glass. I'll tell you a story and you'll be the song to my play. The day to day goes by, and I don't have to ask why or what's the reason you lift me up, help me fly. We're kindred spirit's and it's enough. Catrina I call you the loving one cause from the beginning that's all you've done. You didn't run or hide from me, just like that we were family. Nothing I write scares you a bit; you treat everything like it's a hit. Yes, as Tony did Catrina you lite a glow in my heart right from the start. So, though they're far away from where I can see, they'll always be the true hearts that saw the best in me and while I'm setting free my love let's not forget this dove and many others she's a part of: Kim kicked off this tale many years ago, she's the base or foundation for the show you see on this page. The grand mistress of this poetic stage. It's true Lone wolf has a pack; pieces of my heart I don't want to give back.
A Lone wolf production,
@ Unscripted.
Promotional consideration provided
by: J.L. Insomniac.

Note: Perhaps I'm showing too much of who I am here, but I am a lover of people on the whole. That's the reason I write these things in this blog. So that someday someone feeling down and numb might find something He or She can drum along to. There's much more in store and every post is different. You might get a shout out or maybe a call just hold onto life and have a ball! Happy hunting.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Why did I post "Pity the child?"

Performance art is awesome! We all have moments where we can't express emotion, but I believe that fact brought us the truly great actors, poets and play-writes. You'll see things on this blog, (I hope) that are thought provoking, chilling, and thrilling. Yes, this is a writers blog, but it's also one where inspiration is shared. I'm not sure that I'll be a great author... I am sure however, that I want to help people feel, and any feeling is welcome because that's what life's about: You twist, bend and break until something comes out of the shadows. "Pity the child" is a piece that sticks with you because it holds true to most of what we go through or reap upon the world. That's the reason it's on this blog; it spoke to some "ghost" of myself, and I've never been a person who holds back or cheats anyone. Once I write my books these things won't seem so nonsensical. If it does; well than, Happy hunting.
Coming soon to Unscripted: Joe Bonamassa's "Jockey Full of Bourbon" with fan script.
A Lone wolf written production. Video performance by Adam Pascal provided by, "You tube."
For my mother and brother (Bubbie) T.M.-217433.

Adam Pascal- Pity The Child

Friday, October 22, 2010

J.L. Insomniac's coming attraction

J.L. Insomniac here giving you the edge on what's coming to Unscripted. This is gritty stuff we're dealing with folks, I'm shakin just thinkin about it. One small yet satisfying note before I get to the grand ball of it all: Speaking to you tonight is the manager of not only the headlining act of Unscripted (Lone wolf), but also a new talented author by the name of Greg Hollow. I tell you what ladies and gentlemen if you thought wolfie was amazing, you don't want to miss this cat. He's got so much flair you'll be burnin for more. Which brings me to the hot topic you've just gotta hear. Mr. Hollow is goin to have his own segment on this show called Hollow's hall. It's goin to shine a light on one of the most loved and feared monsters in the wacky works of terror: He puts the slice in smooth, Dexter Morgan! Greg's reviewing all five of Dexter's deeds in the shadows. Now keep in mind that all things gruesome take time, but it shouldn't be too long before the door to Hollow's hall is open and a bloody good party starts to roll. I gotta jet off back to the pack. Until next time my people, this is J.L. Insomniac saying: Slumber is for a slouch.
An Unscripted production. All rights reserved to: J.L. Insomniac and Co. producer Lone wolf. Dexter is a creation of Jeff Lindsay.

Monday, October 18, 2010

To know IT is to delight in fright.

IT awaits the seven with unease, trembling while it feeds. The seven are strong it knows but It does not feel real fear. Why should it? The seven are weak, gone are their childhood days. Forgotten are the Barren's of play and with that hopes rays are dulled. They could be herded down to the faded light, down to where everybody does the dead man float.It enjoys this thought, and with it terror blooms. This time there is no hope because the seven have grown, they haven't any room stored away for imagination, thus no power. IT isn't wrong in its assurance it tells itself. So, it kills on. Twenty-seven years IT has been at rest. Twenty-seven years of refused mayhem and gore, now IT feels a new thing... What is IT? Suddenly, IT knows, IT remembers and It must have; Vengeance. With that need IT calls their watchmen, (Micheal Handlen) and to its own agent of hell: ( Henry Bowers) Stephen King's IT sets free all phantoms fathomed with a no nonsense edge. As IT changes form to breed fear into a small town, your fascination is fueled by a variety of characters and story-lines connected by a common shadow of a traumatic past. IT, takes you in farther with off beat layers of humor; you'll never feel this good laughing in the face of evil. This story is guaranteed to bring out the child in you while mirroring the once chilling, thrilling, and most fulfilling wonders of youth. I invite you to follow these seven children, to share in all their delight and fright... "Won't you join the circle?"

A Lone Wolf production all credit reserved to Kim Skelton.
Thank you Kim for allowing me the great honor of being your
friend and guest book review author.
To your avid readers:
Happy hunting.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The lady Brooklyn B. Loved.

I've seen the lady Brooklyn B, Bella Brooklyn she is to me. I've seen the lady Brooklyn fair as I've seen her strong. Yes, I've seen the lady Brooklyn B; her eyes shining bright, I've rejoiced in her mirth. I've seen the lady Brooklyn B, set free in her fight. The lady Brooklyn B, doesn't know her heart's worth, and that for many she is a delight in just being. As well she is in seeing. For that she is the envy of all she knows; and an honor to her family, through-out the shows of life. Today, I spoke to the lady Brooklyn B, and to my dismay she was in pain. However, she did not allow for rain. I love the lady Brooklyn B. My family and friend, she means the world to myself. Oh, how I wish there were more of her not wanting love put upon a shelf. May it be understood, I know of her not as well as I should, but I've seen the lady Brooklyn B. A part of the greater good. To the lady Brooklyn B: everything's going to work out right, you'll see. Everything's going to be just fine for I am here, and shall be forever-more for the.

The lady Brooklyn B. dedicated to:

Brooklyn A. Baker

All I have to give are these words, I really hope they help in some way.

Note: If the rhythm sounds familiar, I read a lot of Poe. Heavy hearted regards,

your Lone wolf @ Unscripted

Thursday, October 14, 2010

While thinking of you...My lost friends.

If only I were everyone, cast in every show. Yes, If only I were everyone then I'd surely know: The right words to say, and what it's like to be you and all that you are, in the many roles you play. If only I were everyone I'd see from one view to another. Understanding why brother's need their high when it's there to create with others. Why sister's need cruel heart's to mend; while it's harm they intend. If only I were everyone then no one would be alone, everywhere there would be a somebody for us all. A kind heart to call when the world isn't so sweet. If only I were everyone, I'd know every game and cheat. I could know every lie told, shield you from that cold my friend. To prevent pain and vanquish hell would be a relief from the guilt this world has put upon me, but to set you free whoever you are would be like a staring role. A glimpse into the world of you from every angle I'd know all truths. If only I were everyone there would be not a shade of dark to hide within. If only I were everyone essential, I'd say stick it out, together we have potential of this there's not a doubt. For there are great things within everyone that only each can bring to life: You the one; can help make a chain of happiness or strife. I am only a part, a bit trying to grow. I want to be more because when me and myself, come to meet you as a whole; there'll be no sorrow in any one... Everyone can rock and roll.

This is me being myself, whether you think this piece great or awful please respect it as mine. Always, your free friend and writer,
Lone wolf @ unscripted.
Happy hunting.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mr. Blues and the news

Hey Mr. blues have ya heard the news? You're imortal as your gift takes you higher. Royalty in your castle of beat, holding court with a melody soft and sweet. Master and slave to your guitar, Mr. blues you're rockin and rollin through a galaxy so far away, burnin fire when you play. Oh, but have ya heard the news about what you let flow from your finger's, let loose from your soul? A hauntin, those demon's and angel's with their selfish goal. Mr. blues hold on and don't let go cause here's the news you should know... As swift and sweet the melody flows from you, and as true as the beat goes on... If you're only in it to win glory; talent will slip through your fingers and be gone with your story. What sad news for Mr. blues that would be, but worthy of the somber notes he sets free.

This was brought to you on the fly from a new blues kitty and influenced by a cat who knows where cool's at on the musical map: Joe Bonamassa. With awe from a faded rose.
Lone Wolf @ unscripted

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Novelty know more

I've looked around a still haven't found the story. I looked in fear hoping, praying something would appear. I was speared by my own sharp prying; calling the creeps and monsters too come but all they gave me was a sigh of, "ho hum." I am enraged by these caged little ghouls. "look it's the queen of fools." They say laughing deep in the dark, a nation away from the land of hope. I've glimpsed inside hope the happy land of sun, and tunnels where fun sometimes plays hide and seek. "Try to find us." they whisper, they call, and I come running; to capture nothing at all. I've looked in love, I don't wish to remember what that cost. I look in wonder now, it's a maze; I hope I don't get lost. I've spent so much time going through my mind sifting the sands of things done before; now I understand why to some I am a novelty, know more.
Lone wolf @ unscripted

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Burning storm

She had a fire, and they brought her down with their storm. She danced in the light, but they cursed her glow. Now sunny days are choked by snow. So, she faces the wind while friends turn away, nobody wants to hold out. Friends don't fight through the meltdown as life's light fades to the shadows. Searching in new-found night, she tends to a flame left alone. A single hope to carry her home. She had a fire that dimmed to a flame, yet if she lets it spread the world will never be the same. (I'm not a song writer, but it was worth a shot. I hope someone enjoys it.)

Lone Wolf @ unscripted

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love's hard to talk about

I wouldn't say I think about you everyday, and I shouldn't think of loving words to say to you, but I do. Oh the sun comes up but I'm feeling down because you're not around, yet I can hear the sound of your laughter. I should go to the store but they don't sell what I'm after. Oh, I shouldn't be singin the blues because of you, but I am. Baby I do. It's a sad thing to go through, living life lovin you. So, I wouldn't say, but I do. NOTE: I now know the meaning of "rough draft."
Lone wolf @ unscripted

Monday, May 3, 2010

Forever in friendship

In seconds you caught me. In minutes you held me. With in an hour you gave me the gift of a friend. In a day you were by my side. In another I had to go away. In seconds you caught me... Forever, we will stay together in friendship.

Lone Wolf @ unscripted

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Write, read, and dream.

When the prose goes, nothing flows. Nothing sooths the sick, bleeding heart. I'm not too smart; writing on the fly, but I must try. My emotions are running high as I hear the bells of Poe. I can't rest until I've done my best. Dear reader I may be yoCheck Spellingung, but I feel very old at the moment. There isn't much rest in sleeping, and very little peace from pain. This is the only personal note you'll receive from me. I'm attempting to write two short stories to publish. Why? I once had a dream in which Stephen King was hitting me on the head with one of his Novels. "Write before the words float away!" I have some strange dreams.

I wrote this while chasing my tale, still haven't caught the Frockin thing. Opps, I think I let a little geek out.
Always my friends,
Lone Wolf @ unscripted

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Writers' block

What a shock! I've got writers' block. There's no stock in my store. The poet and the play write are having a fight. The door to Reveries' maze is locked and my key won't work. As for the play write, he's being a bigger jerk. He teases me with bits of gore while I sleep, yet when day breaks not one image takes form. However; I am a faded rose so sometimes... That's just how the story goes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

For Tony Moran

The song I sing, the prayer I whisper into the night...Tony. My Eldorado with a cause; never pauses for himself. My inspiration and my hide away. The friend I carry with me through the storm. A safe and warm place to be, embedded in my memory. I'm forever wishing for his happiness. I shall always thank God for setting free such an important part of me. Tony the person who opened the door, the reason I strive to be more.

Miss you as I always will and that's all there is.
Lone Wolf @ unscripted

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My friend California

California's sky is bright day and night. The nights Velvet spotlight whispers of peace. Days of playful color call for joy, and put on a sunset show. I'm sorry that I had to leave you my friend, it wasn't easy to let go. California you imprinted your beauty within my heart so we could never part. I miss the feel of your sandy skin, and the warmth of your breezy voice. I can't help but think of what could have been had I stayed with the artist California. You the painter, passionate writer can't fight the beauty of her golden face. California laughs in waves. My friend California perhaps knowing I was lonely gave me a gift in a man named Tony Moran. I will never cease to crave the comfort of both cherished friends.

Lone Wolf @ unscripted

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sea Charactor description1

A person dressed all in blue walks down a narrow stony street. One looking at nothing in our world, blurred of thought. Talented like a bird in song yet feeling like the words are wrong. This person is jaded trying to forget closed gated hearts, of those desired who chose to part. A person of dimmed confidence whispering in the western wind: I need a friend, my love is free. This person, a faded rose. Walking towards the gold painted sky. Wishing to start anew the once life full of of nothing but blue. Be bold in emotion or you could be the person in blue like a wave lapping in sea.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

For my own rock star

Mr. guitar man plays with style. Mr. guitar works his fingers to the bone. The notes take him to a place where he's not alone. He gets better with every rift he lets free. In a class of his own, he hones his gift. Leave the man be, he's playin from his soul. Listen to him rock, and you won't want to roll. He can play it soft make the tone flow or he can play it loud, you never know. The best part is, I don't need a ticket to his show. Well, Mr. guitar man he helped me grow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Maze of the Mind

In a maze created by a poet named Reverie you can walk along three paths: Desire, fright, and mystery. The path of desire leads to inviting beaches, with oceans clear and blue. A sunset sky just for your eye, a warm and gentle wind. Happy people call out to you, everyone wants to be your friend. This scene shimmers into fright seemingly the end. Fright is the trickster, a blood stained moon. Your mind fills up with a cold dark place. Every cruel goon chasing and taunting; bringing to life all things twisted. Your vision then becomes misted. You go another rout but are hindered by doubt. What is this? you shout. It is me reverie, you are part of my poem. You give me the lines while I write the scenes. This is nothing but poetic play, threaded from thoughts stored away. They will be gone come light of day. The sleeping mind holds much history so step carefully along the path of mystery. How do you know so much about this maze? Dear traveler I am reverie, can't you see? You know as much as me. Fiction material copy written.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I think God tried to cancel out females, the chromosomes are xx. God: Bad idea, erase erase! Male Chromosomes are xy. No wonder they get confused.