Thursday, March 17, 2011

A friendly love song

Friend is not a word to take lightly when loves a burning flame. Waking up from a nightmare I almost screamed out your name. Well tell me what good does dreamin or screamin do; when we're talkin about a man who sees life in the rear view. Every mournin she openend's her eyes to the dawn; wanders where he's going or if he's already gone. Nothing useful here so she shifts the gear, thinking I'll live my life today; tonight I'll light a candle and pray. All through the day she looks around, there are people laughing; is it love they're soaking in? Picking up the phone, she tries to think of something other than; buddy how you been? When a voice whispers from within... Friend is not a word to take lightly when loves a burning flame. Wake me up from this nightmare; oh can't you hear screaming out your name? I understand where my place is on your map, but could you ease my mind; as you leave this road behind. Glance back baby I'm holdin a flame; smiling proud as I call your name...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lamb and Lion

No, we are not the same the Lamb and the lion. You can curse me for hanging on, but can't blame me for tryin. I've gotta say it's hard to watch the lightning go from your soul, but I have to thunder on; that's all I am in your shadow. As you break-away I'm losing part of who I've always been. Is it a sickness or a sin to love what's in the dark; bleeding life within. You, you're laying down, giving up the fight, and I could tell you it's wrong, but I'm too weak to give you that news... Brother it's all in what you choose. What am I? What.. am I to.. you? Oh, what am I? What am I to do? You're completely deaf to my cry and plea. "We're Family." When we were young we helped each other fly. Now, today you won't tell me why. Why, you walked away without a blink of an eye. So, the Lamb becomes the Lion, the lightning and thunder... Once I heard your roar, laughed with it. Yeah, it made me sore... Your hunger is no more. Brother, we both loose, why doesn't that make you cry? Tell me this we're family doesn't that make you feel... Anything? Any... thing...? Brother, you make me want to scream! Instead of sing... Instead of sing...

Note on the video: I picked the version of R.E.M.'s "Loosing my religion" because I believe it's the most viewer friendly. The song's beat inspired the tone of my poem. The rest; I did alone.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Beatles - Things We Said Today (2009 Stereo Remaster)

In honor of T&t-Day

Have we said all we have to say; has the once blue sky turned to gray? Would you sing me a song my dear, make the pain disappear. If I could say those words not so simple, but true; would it change your point of view? I'd play your star and grant your every wish; if you'd say: The sky's still blue there's not a cloud in sight, don't worry babe; time hasn't slipped away and everything's alright. I've heard it told as life goes by, you must move on, memories grow tired and old. Well, forgive me if I'm not sold; I'd like to stay. Oh just because I'm speechless, that doesn't mean the feeling has gone astray. Hey-hey, hey, hey yeah... I remember the light in your smile, the heart in your laugh; that'll never fade like an ending note. No, oh no... I can't forget the lines you wrote. So, don't you tell me we've said all we have to say; please don't let go, and turn my blue sky gray. Sing me a song my dear, go back to the past if only for today. These words simple and true; the greatest feeling... Hey-hey, hey yeah... I love you.

Dedicated to Tony Moran forever my friend. Happy anniversary buddy.