Saturday, April 23, 2011

City of Fallen angels review: Ties that Bind.

Simon can't tell up from down these days; he's just crossed too many lines: The kid's not what you would consider cool, ( average look wimp build doesn't rock the club scene) but dig this; he's got two girlfriends! Maia's the sweet innocent type most of the the time, when her wild ware wolf nature isn't throwing her little Ms. meek demeanour to the curb. Oh, I should shut it about Maia cause Izzy's about to roll in: This ball and chain's a battle axe, and I ain't spitten no expression neither. She's a lean, mean, kick ass teen. What else would you expect from a shadow hunter? You heard right, the chick smokes demons. So the scene is set: Simon's drinkin coffee in a plastic chair; his flash back to the old day's brought on by the diner with it's chessy cardboard vampire his flash-back stop's short when she glides into a seat across from him. " Would I even exist to her if I wasn't a Vampire?" Yep, our friend Simon is a Vamp, but thanks to the raven haired fox now giving him a hundred watt grin; not the chessy sort: His new leather, and philosophic T-shirt look jives with her Trench coat, flirt-skirt, and fish-net stocking motif. As Mr. mojo goes into a joke run, doin a "Sesame Count" bit; Iz catches wind of two ichor buffet's. It turns out Simon's been summoned by their Master; forced to take a metting, leaving Izzy more than manic. After his meeting with a babe of creep show clan leader; sacked out Simon is home, and before he knows what's good for him he's dialing his childhood friend and flame Clary. He'd fallen for this artistic fire bomb once upon a no chance dream, but Jace locked that door with a deadbolt. "Jace." With chiseled looks, blond hair, and wierd golden sheened eyes; he'd stolen Clary's heart. Now, while Simon's spilling his guts over Iz and Maia; the word "exclusive" is tossed up. Sitting on a balance-beam above it all, Clary's mind snages on what that word means to her: To be with Jace forever and always; a typical dame's wish, which she's half-way achieved. Jace as her Shadow hunter trainer has an almost all-access pass. As professional as they both try to be, they're magnet's. Listening to Simon blab about his love life held her interest, and she pointed out her mom's wedding as a prime sign that he needed to put it to rest and pick one already. This fact hadn't so much as nudged his noggen; they'd both want to go. When Clary muttered something about jumping off a beam to her probable doom, and hung up knowing Simon felt her reality; Jace stood at center ring. Even if he didn't like her nerd friend; she was happy to plunge into his arms. Ah, love... doesn't it just make you want to gag? I'm only jabbering about it because it'll soon be evils number one weapon. So, we march on to a new-be in Simon's band, (could this get any closer to the twilight zone?) Kyle comes jay-walkin out of thin air wanting to be the band's lead singer. Clary declares his manly draw and the guys like his sound. To Simon this dude kind of gives off a strange vibe, but he pushes the feelin back for the sake of the band. What follows is a new bond and a crashers life for our buddy Simon: Secretes revealed, hearts torn, and it only fits; a battle to keep the ties that bind. This is J.L. Insomniac sayin: Snore later, sore now. This has been an Unscripted production of Cassandra Clare's "City of Fallen Angels." Any and all character names, terms, and references to scenery were used for the reader's benefit. City of Fallen Angels review: Ties that bind, written by: J.L. Insomniac.

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  1. I still have yet to read this one!! But great review!!