Friday, October 22, 2010

J.L. Insomniac's coming attraction

J.L. Insomniac here giving you the edge on what's coming to Unscripted. This is gritty stuff we're dealing with folks, I'm shakin just thinkin about it. One small yet satisfying note before I get to the grand ball of it all: Speaking to you tonight is the manager of not only the headlining act of Unscripted (Lone wolf), but also a new talented author by the name of Greg Hollow. I tell you what ladies and gentlemen if you thought wolfie was amazing, you don't want to miss this cat. He's got so much flair you'll be burnin for more. Which brings me to the hot topic you've just gotta hear. Mr. Hollow is goin to have his own segment on this show called Hollow's hall. It's goin to shine a light on one of the most loved and feared monsters in the wacky works of terror: He puts the slice in smooth, Dexter Morgan! Greg's reviewing all five of Dexter's deeds in the shadows. Now keep in mind that all things gruesome take time, but it shouldn't be too long before the door to Hollow's hall is open and a bloody good party starts to roll. I gotta jet off back to the pack. Until next time my people, this is J.L. Insomniac saying: Slumber is for a slouch.
An Unscripted production. All rights reserved to: J.L. Insomniac and Co. producer Lone wolf. Dexter is a creation of Jeff Lindsay.

Monday, October 18, 2010

To know IT is to delight in fright.

IT awaits the seven with unease, trembling while it feeds. The seven are strong it knows but It does not feel real fear. Why should it? The seven are weak, gone are their childhood days. Forgotten are the Barren's of play and with that hopes rays are dulled. They could be herded down to the faded light, down to where everybody does the dead man float.It enjoys this thought, and with it terror blooms. This time there is no hope because the seven have grown, they haven't any room stored away for imagination, thus no power. IT isn't wrong in its assurance it tells itself. So, it kills on. Twenty-seven years IT has been at rest. Twenty-seven years of refused mayhem and gore, now IT feels a new thing... What is IT? Suddenly, IT knows, IT remembers and It must have; Vengeance. With that need IT calls their watchmen, (Micheal Handlen) and to its own agent of hell: ( Henry Bowers) Stephen King's IT sets free all phantoms fathomed with a no nonsense edge. As IT changes form to breed fear into a small town, your fascination is fueled by a variety of characters and story-lines connected by a common shadow of a traumatic past. IT, takes you in farther with off beat layers of humor; you'll never feel this good laughing in the face of evil. This story is guaranteed to bring out the child in you while mirroring the once chilling, thrilling, and most fulfilling wonders of youth. I invite you to follow these seven children, to share in all their delight and fright... "Won't you join the circle?"

A Lone Wolf production all credit reserved to Kim Skelton.
Thank you Kim for allowing me the great honor of being your
friend and guest book review author.
To your avid readers:
Happy hunting.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The lady Brooklyn B. Loved.

I've seen the lady Brooklyn B, Bella Brooklyn she is to me. I've seen the lady Brooklyn fair as I've seen her strong. Yes, I've seen the lady Brooklyn B; her eyes shining bright, I've rejoiced in her mirth. I've seen the lady Brooklyn B, set free in her fight. The lady Brooklyn B, doesn't know her heart's worth, and that for many she is a delight in just being. As well she is in seeing. For that she is the envy of all she knows; and an honor to her family, through-out the shows of life. Today, I spoke to the lady Brooklyn B, and to my dismay she was in pain. However, she did not allow for rain. I love the lady Brooklyn B. My family and friend, she means the world to myself. Oh, how I wish there were more of her not wanting love put upon a shelf. May it be understood, I know of her not as well as I should, but I've seen the lady Brooklyn B. A part of the greater good. To the lady Brooklyn B: everything's going to work out right, you'll see. Everything's going to be just fine for I am here, and shall be forever-more for the.

The lady Brooklyn B. dedicated to:

Brooklyn A. Baker

All I have to give are these words, I really hope they help in some way.

Note: If the rhythm sounds familiar, I read a lot of Poe. Heavy hearted regards,

your Lone wolf @ Unscripted

Thursday, October 14, 2010

While thinking of you...My lost friends.

If only I were everyone, cast in every show. Yes, If only I were everyone then I'd surely know: The right words to say, and what it's like to be you and all that you are, in the many roles you play. If only I were everyone I'd see from one view to another. Understanding why brother's need their high when it's there to create with others. Why sister's need cruel heart's to mend; while it's harm they intend. If only I were everyone then no one would be alone, everywhere there would be a somebody for us all. A kind heart to call when the world isn't so sweet. If only I were everyone, I'd know every game and cheat. I could know every lie told, shield you from that cold my friend. To prevent pain and vanquish hell would be a relief from the guilt this world has put upon me, but to set you free whoever you are would be like a staring role. A glimpse into the world of you from every angle I'd know all truths. If only I were everyone there would be not a shade of dark to hide within. If only I were everyone essential, I'd say stick it out, together we have potential of this there's not a doubt. For there are great things within everyone that only each can bring to life: You the one; can help make a chain of happiness or strife. I am only a part, a bit trying to grow. I want to be more because when me and myself, come to meet you as a whole; there'll be no sorrow in any one... Everyone can rock and roll.

This is me being myself, whether you think this piece great or awful please respect it as mine. Always, your free friend and writer,
Lone wolf @ unscripted.
Happy hunting.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mr. Blues and the news

Hey Mr. blues have ya heard the news? You're imortal as your gift takes you higher. Royalty in your castle of beat, holding court with a melody soft and sweet. Master and slave to your guitar, Mr. blues you're rockin and rollin through a galaxy so far away, burnin fire when you play. Oh, but have ya heard the news about what you let flow from your finger's, let loose from your soul? A hauntin, those demon's and angel's with their selfish goal. Mr. blues hold on and don't let go cause here's the news you should know... As swift and sweet the melody flows from you, and as true as the beat goes on... If you're only in it to win glory; talent will slip through your fingers and be gone with your story. What sad news for Mr. blues that would be, but worthy of the somber notes he sets free.

This was brought to you on the fly from a new blues kitty and influenced by a cat who knows where cool's at on the musical map: Joe Bonamassa. With awe from a faded rose.
Lone Wolf @ unscripted